9 Secrets of Famous Magic Tricks That Will Impress Even the Most Skeptical Audiences

The most remarkable universe of magical brings both kids and grownups. As children, most of us adored magical tips, did not we? We all get old, however a fantastic elegant suggestion or illusion .

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9. Bottomless drinking cup

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The tip comprises 4 translucent tumblers. Each among them is twice high in comparison to this last inch. The smallest inch is saturated in milk. The magician pours the milk into the tumbler that has twice its own size, too. . .the milk completely fits the 2 nd tumbler. Then pops up the milk into the next tumbler, and also additionally the milk pops in mass.

How it’s done: There is a good plastic cone satisfying the biggest market of each and every tumbler. But it leaves a slim station across both sides. Hence that the milk does not dual but matches a specifically designed area, that will be… .yes. .only 8 ounces.

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