Footage Of Alleged Groping Incident By Tennessee Patrol Officer Released

Wilson stocks which Lloyd questioned her to lean his cruiser, which farther let him to hunt her tight shorts and groped her buttocks and genital location. An individual may not deny that the simple fact while he had been inconsistent with his own coaching, he maintained probing regardless of whether she swallowed some other form of medication. And then she refused each moment. “No, ” I really do not medication, nothing, vow to God,” she instructed him. But she believed it fit to reveal this occasionally she actually do normally takes ambient and overly merely for sleep functions. In conclusion, Lloyd made a decision to run her discipline sobriety evaluations.


Later on, Wilson was rewarded having a ticket for not wearing a seat belt.

It didn’t appear to wind here as only 3 hours after Wilson was approached with an identifiable individual. Although rationale was little different this moment; point. Apparently this time around that Wilson’s dark-tinted vehicle windows had turned into the issue troublesome. Lloyd also explained,”We’ve got to quit meeting like that ” However, that really did not shift Wilson’s view, since she alleged Lloyd of misusing his jurisdiction to raping her than now.


After studying the dashboard camera footage, then the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) chose to acquit the officer of criminal expenses. Bearing this at an overview:

“following careful thought and inspection, the Tennessee Highway Patrol Control employees has guided me Trooper Isaiah Lloyd ran that this information ceased at a expert manner within a effort to guard the public”


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